Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Signal’s pledge to provide peace of mind includes your warehouses or job sites. From loss prevention to fire guard and alarm response we’re here to keep your workspace safe.


The unfortunate reality is that distribution centers are often more at risk for internal theft than they are for external burglary.


Why Signal?

Highly Visible Peace of Mind

Our brightly lit SUVs are a beacon for all to see you are protected. Signal’s Edge technology means you have 100% electronic, transparent, reporting

  • Highly Visible vehicles and officers help deter theft
  • GPS monitoring shows you where we have been and how we keep your assets safe
  • See, not just read, with Signal Edge’s in-report photo and video
  • Digital Post Orders ensure we’ll react properly to any situation

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Your peace of mind is only a click away!

  • Highly Visible Vehicles

    A proactive presence that deters issues before they happen.

  • GPS Monitoring

    You always know where our officers are and that your property is in good hands.

  • A Better Brand of Officer

    Friendly, approachable, and trained to deescalate the situation.