About Us

Since our founding in 2003, Signal security patrol companies have served as a beacon in our local communities by providing a suite of world-class and industry-leading security patrol services for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial customers.

Our promise to you- peace of mind. Through customized security patrol services your business, neighborhood, and community can live freely knowing everything is secure.

Safety is a basic human right and need.

Signal has become a pioneer in the security industry. Merging technological innovation, professionalism, and our attention to detail into a one-of-a-kind suite of security services. Our reputation is built and measured, not on what we say about ourselves, but by the value and safety we deliver to our clients every day.


Here at Signal one of our core values is to serve you, our clients. 

We are a brand built on ethics and our trusted security patrol which brings peace of mind to the communities we serve.

At Signal we pride ourselves on “The Courage of Conscious Leadership.” Understanding that we earn, and retain our customers’ trust due to the character of our people, their competence, and their passion to do what is right. By consistently communicating and working to always be aligned with our clients through these shared values.

Our brand and commitment to service are built around speed-to-action and transparency.

Our security patrol companies are relentless in our singular pursuit of your peace of mind through security. We navigate every day and every action by that star. It defines our behavior as pioneers and the footprint we are creating as a brand and company of meaning.


Your peace of

mind is one

click away.