Why Signal?

We are more than a security provider.

We are your active partner, working to ensure you have peace of mind to pursue your passion in life.


We hold ourselves to a level of transparency that makes us more than simply accountable, we’re invested.

By applying global thinking to our local ownership model, we ensure our owners and officers are an active and visible presence in their local communities.

Signal is the clear voice in the night, the alert eyes safeguarding what’s valuable to you.

We are a steady, highly visible, partner in helping you protect you, your community, and your property. Know that you are more than just secure with Signal, we are peace of mind.

Signal is your trusted local partner.

Take the first step to connect with your local Signal owner today. By partnering with Signal you will be partnering with someone just as invested in your local community as you are.

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Reliability at the Ready

As your local community partner, we’re here with real solutions to free you up to focus on what matters most.

  • Highly Visible Vehicles

    A proactive presence that deters issues before they happen.

  • GPS Monitoring

    You always know where our officers are and that your property is in good hands.

  • A Better Brand of Officer

    Friendly, approachable, and trained to deescalate the situation.