Earning a Reputation for Exceptional Service

reflection of Signal employee in window

The Background

Already serving in a city’s retail neighborhoods back in 2010, this Signal franchise owner looked to expand business by reaching out to local convenience stores. It took over a year of discussions with regional management to become the security team for five local convenience stores. The previous security company for these stores was not living up to the service it had falsely portrayed. Their officers were dressed formally like police officers, but fell short of true professionalism. Several of the stores still experienced robberies and assaults.


Signal employee talking to someone in a hallway


The Solution

The convenience store corporation was particularly drawn to Signal operating mobile patrols. The stores wanted a branded vehicle to stop at each local store and spend a good amount of time with a visible presence before moving on to the next store. Just having the Signal patrol vehicle parked in front of the store added a deterrent to would-be criminals.

Signal and the stores agreed on a hybrid approach to service. The Signal officers still patrol some of the stores. Others have officers on site every night and other stores request officers just on the busier weekends. Staying adaptable to the client’s needs is key to the long-term success of this service partnership.

Keeping up with cutting-edge technology has also been a differentiating positive for the Signal franchise. Officers use Signal Edge to check in at assigned locations and file detailed reports. The digital accountability and reporting system also allows officers to include photos, videos and GPS data.

Working with five regional managers in the last 10 years, the Signal owner says, “each regional manager who has come in absolutely believes that we make an impact on a lot of things in their stores. The bottom line is they want their store associates to be safe and we help ensure that.”

Because of the decade of proven success in one state, the franchise owner in early 2021 was able to expand Signal security with the convenience store company. He now serves two additional convenience stores with armed officers in another state a thousand miles away.

“The whole process started because of the relationship I have with the company and then our performance backed by our reporting system led to them giving us a chance in another state,” the Signal owner explains. “The more professionalism and uniformity that you can put out, it’s a huge help. I always say, ‘Don’t discount the reputation that you have locally, because you never know what that's going to lead to.’”

The privately held convenience store company continues to grow with over 850 stores in nearly a dozen states. Fortune has consistently ranked the convenience store/gas retailer as one of the Best Companies to Work For. Since 2010, the Signal franchise has worked steadily to be a key contributor in the company’s success.