Signal Helps Secure the Pool, Reduce Incidents on Apartment Property


The Background

The rental community is a garden style, pet-friendly, community with an average square foot of 996 feet. The property offers luxury style homes near shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and a local golf course.

The community manager had recently started at the property and was tasked to be part of the decision-making process to hire a private security company.

The community manager choose Signal over the competition in large part to because of the glowing recommendation they received from other sister communities in the area who were already using Signal.

The Problem

A high frequency of incidents were happening on the property throughout the week. One incident involved a possible burglary that required law enforcement to be called. In addition, there were several pool violations, barking dogs, and noise complaints. The property managers needed to find a solution for all these types of incidents.

Number of Incidents

The chart below displays the types of incidents the community was facing. Reported incidents ranged from suspicious activity, disorderly conduct, disturbance, noise complaints, and pool violations.

graph displaying the types of incidents the community was facing


Incidents by Day

The property also tracked the days of the week in which the reported incidents were taking place. In total, the property was experiencing 11 reported incidents per week with the highest amount occurring on Thursdays.

graph showing the days of the week in which the reported incidents were taking place


The Solution

The community manager and our local Signal franchise sat down to discuss the issues concerning in the community. Once they identified the problem areas, both parties developed a custom security solution: one foot patrol and two randomized vehicle patrols per night with video monitoring.

Post orders for the officers included:

  • Ensure all leasing office doors are properly secured
  • Patrol through the fitness center to deter any theft or vandalism
  • Proactively deter any homeless activity in the restrooms
  • Provide a visual deterrent to theft or vandalism in the pool area
  • Properly secure the pool gates and ensure remaining residents have left by closing
  • Report all observations in detail in the patrol report and submit after every patrol

The Results

Due to the visual deterrence provided by Signal, the number of reported incidents dropped from 11 per week to 3.

The only reported incidents on property after six months were one report of suspicious activity and minor noise complaints that the residents called Signal directly to address without disturbing the property manager. During that six months there were no incidents that required law enforcement to be contacted, nor any further burglary concerns.