Signal Reduces Disturbances for Local Apartment Community

Signal company vehicle inside of a parking garage

The Background

The apartment community is located on the southside of a midsized city, offering affordable housing for individuals or families with the area median level of income.

The community managers had been there for four years prior to hiring Signal. The major issues the community was experiencing before Signal began providing security services were suspicious activity, noise complaints, and attempted car break-ins.

The community managers ultimately chose Signal over the competition because of the positive reviews sister communities had provided and the Signal services fell within their budget.

The Problem

The community managers were experiencing multiple incidents on their property. These incidents were happening throughout the week.

Number of Incidents

The chart below displays the types of incidents the community was facing. Reported incidents ranged from suspicious activity, disorderly conduct, disturbance, noise complaints, and pool violations.



Incidents by Day

Below is a chart that shows the days of the week when the reported incidents were taking place. The incidents were primarily happening on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.



The Solution

The local Signal franchise owner sat down with the community managers and together, they developed a custom security solution for the community’s needs. This solution included checking on leasing doors after business hours and two randomized patrols throughout the night.

Post orders for the officers included:

  • Ensure all leasing office doors are properly secured
  • Patrol around every street of the property
  • Proactively listen for potential noise complaints
  • Provide a visual deterrent to theft or vandalism
  • Identify any non-residential traffic on the property
  • Identify non-residential vehicles parked in prohibited spots
  • Ensure residents are not using the fitness center and pool after hours

The Result

After six months of security services provided, the community no longer experienced suspicious activity, pool violations, disorderly conduct, or an incident that could be classified as a major disturbance.

The remaining, minor, incidents on property were noise complaints that the residents could call Signal directly to address without disturbing the property manager.