The Benefits of Hiring a Private Security Company

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When it comes to providing peace of mind for your residents, customers, employees, or family, security is a requirement that often ranks near the top of the list. But with modern technology, is it even necessary to hire a security company? While some may argue that, due to the technology used, construction and location of the community, there is no need for a private security company. However, even when communities are designed with security in mind, the human element is still missing.

Security officers have the capability to employ skills that no automated security plan can support. They are trained to use good judgment to observe and become familiar with customers, residents, and employees. This gives them the ability to notice patterns of crime and develop trusting relationships with the people in need of protection.

According to Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind, by Salvatore DeRose, a good security plan is deployed in layers, with every layer adding substance and value to the overall goal. The most important layer is that of highly visible security vehicles and professional officers, as they are the strongest deterrent of crime. The value they add is a rapid response followed by human interaction. This is a powerful combination that will build trust and peace of mind for those that need it most.

Here are just a few ways that the human element of security adds value to any security plan:

  • Vehicle access controls – These are used to check vehicle and driver identification, inspect the vehicles for irregularities, and address discrepancies appropriately.
  • Alarm Situation Assessment -  this is used to determine if an intrusion occurred or if an alarm was false and how to appropriately address the situation.
  • Readily Mobile – Officers patrol your communities on foot and in vehicles. This allows them to observe any irregularities or patterns in the vicinity and report them/ further investigate.
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