Top 3 Characteristics to Look for in a Private Security Company

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Take any heist movie, and you’ll come across this scenario: the out-of-shape security guard sitting alone in an office, barely paying attention to grainy security monitors, getting up (maybe) every few hours to make a quick perimeter scan before going back to their comfy chair and baseball game. It’s no wonder crime occurs with that kind of inattention!

While that scenario certainly lends itself to the cinema, in real life it’s a recipe for disaster. The people who live in your apartment complex or who frequent your business want to feel safe, and that starts with hiring a trusted private security company. 

But not all private security companies are created equal. You don’t want to exchange one lax security guard for another! Here are the top three characteristics you should look for in a private security company. 

Mobile Patrol Means No Idle Time

The top private security companies offer mobile patrols. Instead of a guard staring at motionless black-and-white monitors for hours on end, mobile patrol security eliminates the office and the idle time. This means security officers are actively patrolling, looking for problem areas, checking door access, and always on alert. 

The visible presence of a private security vehicle and the randomized patrol route delivers a highly effective crime deterrent. If a disturbance does arise, the mobile patrol is ready at a moment’s notice to respond in a professional, positive manner. 

Check to see if your security company offers GPS tracking of mobile patrol vehicles. GPS tracking allows a property manager to know where the officer is at all times and ensure transparency, accountability, and return on investment.

Signal Security Mobile Patrols

Signal’s innovative mobile patrol provides budget-friendly peace of mind. Our highly visible SUVs are outfitted with 3M reflective graphics, LED lighting, and wi-fi communications technology.


Security Technology 24/7

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important that your security company keeps up with the latest technology. We’re not talking about high-tech lasers that require a complicated capoeira routine a lá Vincent Cassel’s character in “Ocean’s 12” to beat (most security contractors aren’t that flexible).

No, this simply means staying on top of what’s happening at your property at any given time, knowing where your security company is, and being assured that they are ever-vigilant. (And not having to wait days for a report — unless you want to.)

Digital access to real-time reports is key. Can’t sleep at three in the morning because you’re worried about your property or your residents? With digital access, you can log into your client portal to check on the mobile reports that your security officer files throughout their shift. The best security companies will allow you to track their movements and see what they are seeing via video or still photos. 

This technology provides transparency to keep your private security company accountable to you, the client, and ensure you are getting the best security services possible. Even if it isn’t as entertaining as a capoeira routine.

The Signal Edge Difference

Signal's branded technology Signal Edge gives you up-to-the-minute reports and real-time verification of activity. Our cloud-based software is user-friendly and flexible, available to clients 24/7, and customizable to fit your business needs.


One Size Doesn't Fit All 

A hotel isn’t going to have the same security needs as an apartment complex, or a school or a commercial retail space, so why should they have the same kind of security plan? 

When searching for a private security company, it’s important to find one that fits your own unique needs. Look for a company that offers a free security assessment. During the meeting, ask yourself if they are listening to your concerns and tailoring their services to you. Are cars being broken into or vandalized? Ask how they would tackle that. Issues with late night skinny-dippers in the complex pool? Figure out if they will do pool lockups. Dogs barking or noise disturbances in the wee hours of the morning? Find out how they handle noise complaints and de-escalate neighbor conflicts so everyone can get a full night’s sleep.

In-depth knowledge of your neighborhood, city, or county also goes a long way with creating a customized security plan for your property. Locally owned private security companies tend to have more insider knowledge that goes a long way toward protecting your property. Just make sure they are a trusted brand with the resources to fully service your needs. You probably don’t want an untrained beginner driving around a Ford Fiesta with Security written in pink Comic Sans font on the side. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence and safety.

A Brand You Can Trust

Our locally owned Signal franchises are backed by the resources of an award-winning national network. We work with you to find out what kind of security you need most to make you feel safe and secure.


We're Here

At Signal, we know that when you have the freedom of security, you can live openly, joyfully, and peacefully. That’s why we’re here to help you feel safe, whether at your business, home, school, or any other place you pursue your passion in life.

Whatever you need, we’re here.

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