The Benefits of a Comprehensive Security Assessment

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Do you know what's going on around your property when you're not around? Have you taken the proper steps to ensure the safety of your residents, customers or employees? If you're unsure on how to answer either of those two questions, then it may be time for a comprehensive security assessment.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is a security assessment? Why is this important?

We're glad you asked!

What is a comprehensive security assessment?

Done free of charge through Signal, assessments are conducted to provide a full-scale report of the potential security risks of a residential, commercial, retail or institutional property . These assessments are typically done by our franchise owners and operational managers who have prior experience in the military and law enforcement, and by following our industry-leading forms to ensure every aspect of the property is covered. Usually conducted at night to ensure the best assessment possible, the following are the primary functions of a security assessment:

  • Property Risk Hazards - One of the first, and most important aspects that our assessments cover, is an analysis of the layout of the property. Many times, the way a property has been built can lead to dark, hidden areas in addition to compromises from physicals structures. We look for these areas and possible obstructions from buildings, fences, etc. that are potential security risks for residents, customers and employees.
  • Lighting Assessments - We assess the lighting around the property. Poor lighting can have an affect on begetting crime, but also, it can hinder the quality of the video your security cameras (if you have them) capture. In addition, we determine if there is enough lighting and if it is in the proper areas to assist residents, customers or employees when finding their way around the property.
  • Access Entry - Depending on the property, there may or may not be controlled access throughout. Regardless of various amenities you have for your property, we'll go through and assess the accessibility of each, providing you details on the possible security risks associated with them.

Other areas that are also checked as part of the assessment; parking permits, dumpsters, garages, noise complaints, loitering, and of course the important, criminal mischief.

Why is it important? 

As the property manager, you're not always on site, therefore you may not be aware of everything that takes place on or at surrounding properties. However, through conducting a comprehensive security assessment you can work to ensure the safety of those on and around your property. 

Contact Signal to conduct a free security assessment, and we'll provide you details on all of the potential security risks surrounding your property, and recommendations on how you can address them. Take the initiative, and give your residents, customers and employees peace of mind. 

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