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Don't take the gamble of tricks or treats, prepare yourself for both!

Halloween ghouls and goblins are credited with mischievous activity this time of year, but teenage pranksters going wild with their toilet paper art or smashing pumpkins in the street is child’s play compared to the thefts and destructive crimes of true hoodlums.


Travelers Insurance, the third-largest personal insurer in the U.S., finds that crime-related claims jump an average of 17 percent on Halloween. It’s a bit scary to consider all the ways would-be thieves attack on October 31.


Broken widows, keyed vehicles and spray-painted commercial signage are only part of the spooky effects of Halloween tricksters gone rogue. Burglaries of businesses and home invasions also tend to spike on All Hallows Eve and the weekend closest to Halloween.


But have no fear! Signal offers a number of way to protect your commercial and personal property during Halloween season.


  1. Remove the Temptation

Why invite theft of outdoor property that can be easily stolen? Halloween daredevils have an affinity for grabbing lawn furniture, grills, bicycles, business advertising inflatables (those tall dancing tube people), custom business flags and other easy-to-snatch items. Secure these valuables overnight or bring them indoors, especially on the menacing night that invites fiends on the prowl. Also, if you plan to be gone on Halloween night, some home security systems can capture footage to your mobile device and alert you to criminal activity on your property.


  1. Light It Up

A well-lit business or home can deter goons and thugs from breaking and entering. Turn on all outdoor lights and several indoor lights. Your company may want to install commercial floodlights and security cameras if theft is common in your area, especially as fall early darkness sets in. Troublemakers do not like to be revealed in the light (just ask a vampire).


  1. Safeguard Vehicles

Be sure to park your personal and business autos in the garage or in a secured company parking lot and activate the alarms. Halloween brings out the destructive vandals who may get a bit tipsy at a party or see the ominous holiday as an excuse to release their inner villain. Cars on the street and company vans are favorite targets for vandalism and theft. And remember, leaving any valuables in vehicles attracts thieves like Dracula to fresh blood.


  1. Keep Pets Indoors

Dogs in particular struggle with the sounds and sights of strangers in creepy disguises and can respond by knocking down or biting children and adults. Keep all pets safely tucked inside the house when any trick-or-treating or parties are active. It may help to leave the TV or radio on near pets to help block out the distraction of the doorbell and Halloween revelers.


  1. Rely on the Professionals

If you are a business owner served by Signal or you are considering our industry-leading security services, we’re here to help you protect your employees and property from rambunctious tricksters and serious criminals on Halloween and beyond. Trust us, putting out garlic or mirrors is not enough.


Since 2003 we’ve helped residential, commercial, retail and institutional clients stay safe and at ease not just at Halloween but every day and night throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about how Signal can provide customized security solutions for your company.


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