Is Your Event Security The Best It Can Be?

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As I write, travel season in the U.S. is kicking into high gear. 

Certain cities, like New York and San Francisco, are tourist hotspots. In my hometown of Washington, D.C., May through August bring traffic jams of tour buses, thick as the swampy summer air.

Other towns continually host massive conventions and trade shows. Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center hosts 1.5 million visitors annually, bringing in $2.5 billion to the region every year. Las Vegas hosts nearly 20,000 conventions every year!

In markets like these, competition in the lodging industry has never been fiercer.

But while hotels and resorts aim to set themselves apart, one thing remains a deal breaker for your guests.

Safety and Security

Major tragedies, like the unspeakable 2017 shooting at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay hotel, are blessedly rare.

Yet these sorts of events overwhelm news coverage, and weigh heavy on the minds of every traveler.

A more common concern is theft. While exact stats are nigh impossible to find, studies suggest that theft and burglary are unsolved problems in the hospitality industry. 9 out of 10 hotel thefts occur in public areas.

Unguarded booths and the general bustle of a convention atmosphere only provide cover for crime. This exposé from the Las Vegas Sun paints a grim picture.

Luckily, there are solutions to secure your event and your property.

Professional Presence for Peace of Mind

Signal Security offers comprehensive and flexible service to meet your event security needs.

Here are just a few of the ways Signal provides peace of mind for your next event: 

  • Access control. Perhaps your next event has a sensitive subject, like national security or animal research. Maybe you’re planning a religious or political gathering that could attract protesters or infiltrators. Signal 88 can guard access points, check credentials, and watch for unwanted guests.
  • After-hours surveillance. The average trade show wraps up around dinner time, and participants high-tail it to eat, drink, or rest. Meanwhile, their exhibits and booths sit overnight in an empty conference room. Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods remain unguarded behind a locked door. Don’t be liable for the actions of an opportunist. Signal 88 can offer dedicated security or regular patrol check-ins throughout the night, depending on your needs.
  • Deterrent effect. Some people aren’t experienced travelers. Finding themselves in the neutral and anonymous environment of a hotel far from home, there is a tendency to cut loose. Stop the hijinks before they start with the strong and proactive presence of Signal 88 Security’s professional guards.
  • Break relief. Perhaps you already have dedicated in-house security. Whether during the day or the graveyard shift, those guards need time to eat, take a break, or stretch their legs. But you can’t afford to compromise on your property’s security. Signal 88 can work with your schedule to provide backup officers during break periods.
  • Patrols of semi-public areas. Your ballrooms and lobbies are covered, but what about back hallways? Restrooms? Stairwells? These types of nooks and crannies are often overlooked and lack security presence or monitoring. Regular foot patrols can shine light on these shadowy areas and stop mischief in its tracks.

Make the Call

After long days of travel and networking, your guests deserve restful nights and peace of mind. 

And with competition heating up in the hospitality industry, cutting corners on event security services will hurt your bottom line.

Luckily for you, no matter your unique needs or requirements, Signal Security is here to help.

Click here to learn more about Signal's security services. 

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