How Mobile Patrols Can Provide a Proactive Security Solution for Your Commercial Property

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Put yourself in the shoes of a vandal for a moment: It's 10:30 on a sultry summer night. You're preparing to smash some windows at an office building down the road. You'll probably check inside the cars in the lot, too, for anything worth stealing.

The security guard is at his usual post, with his feet up inside the guard shack. Luckily for him, it's air-conditioned and there's baseball on TV. Luckily for you, he'll be sitting there all night.

You skulk to the other side of the property and get to work, undisturbed. Nobody will find your work until the morning. By then, you'll be long gone, and the victims will be left to pick up the pieces.

This situation -- and other, scarier ones -- could have been prevented by a mobile patrol. Mobile officers run routes on a randomized schedule, making it impossible for would-be criminals to find a safe time to strike.

Signal's mobile patrol officers travel from site to site in a high-visibility patrol SUV. Reflective 3M graphics, LED bars, and floodlights project strength and authority. Real-time updates are then sent to your inbox via our state-of-the-art technology, Signal Edge.

If officers detect signs of suspicious activity, they investigate further – either from the vehicle or on foot – so trespassers have nowhere to hide.

Mobile patrol security is a proven way to protect your property and the important assets inside. When you can't afford any interruptions – like a data center or telecom facility – you can't afford to take a chance on a sleepy guard in a tiny booth. You want an alert and active presence, ready to respond at a moment's notice.

It goes without saying that any business's most important resource is its people. When an employee stays late to get the job done or takes the critical overnight shift, she shouldn't have to worry about the danger lurking in the dark. Roving security deters and responds to threats so you and your workers can have peace of mind, 24/7.

(And should a safety concern arise, employees can always call Signal's patrol officer on duty for a ride or escort to their car.)

The commercial property market is red-hot these days. Vacancy and turnover mean less revenue for you and more for your competition. That's why more property managers than ever are entrusting their assets and tenants to Signal's mobile patrols.

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