Enhanced Deterrence With Mobile Patrol Security

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Whether you manage a large residential housing complex, smaller local business, or a massive manufacturing facility, every business and property manager knows securing the premises is of utmost importance. There are endless amounts of issues an owner can deal with each day, but the last thing you should worry about is safety.

When addressing your security needs, you may have little idea what to expect or what services you’ll desire. In many cases though, the answer is mobile patrol security.

This combined form of advanced surveillance, professionally backed officers, and consistent reporting is the most effective way to limit incidents on your property. When you use mobile patrol, you have advantages over other methods such as:

  • Authoritative Presence
  • Deterrence of potential crime
  • Atmosphere of security
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Enhanced oversight of potential weak spots such as, poorly lit areas, camera malfunctions, and concealed passageways
  • Consistent security presence at your facility with “foot patrol”, completed by our dedicated service officers

Having marked patrol that is constantly on the move creates an image of authority and professionalism. When the job of a security officer is clearly seen, people are more likely to respect both the property and personnel. Establishing an authoritative presence also means instilling the atmosphere of security. When crime deterrence is an obvious statement, the safety of the community is increased. Knowing that an area is being watched by a professional can make all the difference in providing peace of mind.

Most criminals are likely to choose a home, business or community that does not have great security. By using a roving patrol, you create an obstacle for crime in potential hangout areas. Mobile Patrol security allows for better coverage, especially for large properties. Vehicles can cover more ground at a greater pace, alerting every one of their presence. By enhancing the visibility of your security, the risk of people taking chances is reduced.

So, you may be thinking mobile patrol is exactly what you need, but when or how would you utilize it? A mobile patrol is great for where you need regular security presence:

  • Residential – Your residential area is a place that you should feel safe and secure around. Having marked security means that others can live worry-free. Tenants value their safety, and by employing private security, you could increase vacancy rates, and potentially lower your risk, thus helping your overall revenue.
  • Businesses – A roving patrol in this environment improves the appearance of security around your business. This can directly impact the atmosphere of trust and safety associated with your brand. Visible security may even result in people choosing your business over others. The added value of peace of mind can improve your employee morale, and in turn, could even lead to increased productivity.
  • Events – Skilled security that comes with the option of mobile patrol, like Signal Security, is a huge advantage when it comes to crowd control, conflict management, threat identification and creating an assertive presence of security. In a day in age where it seems unsafe to visit gatherings with large crowds, spectators are giving additional thought to attending events. Added peace of mind is a large step in alleviating these safety concerns.

At Signal, we believe employing high visibility patrol vehicles will demonstrate a strong deterrence on your property, thus providing increased alertness and officer response to security issues. Click here to learn more.

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