A New Strategy to Help Secure Your Hotel Pool

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Have you heard of #PoolSwiping?

A quick search for “hotel pool security” turns up a peculiar result about one “artist’s” quest to access hotel pools across Miami.

The undercover artist enters the pool, takes a dip, and then leaves for the next target. (Hopefully, all your pool safety concerns are this tame.) This strange phenomenon highlights what we all know: Pools attract weird and wild behavior.

How can you defend against this? Camera surveillance isn’t the answer. Guests rightly have privacy concerns about cameras in the pool area. In fact, a 2014 survey found fewer than 30% of hotels install cameras near the pool.

Luckily, there’s an easy and proven solution that is totally customizable to the unique “ins and outs” of your property: patrol security.

What is patrol security?

The Mobile Patrol model is best understood in contrast with the traditional model of security. In the “old fashioned” approach, a stationary courtesy guard is posted inside the lobby or a booth outside.

These guards are paid for long overnight shifts. In truth, most hotels’ security problems don’t warrant this level of vigilance or expense and are overpaying for it.

Signal’s patrol security approach solves this problem while offering more peace of mind. Instead of a dedicated guard who remains in place overnight, patrol officers arrive several times per night — either on a regular or random schedule — to inspect the property, resolve problems, and proactively escalate issues.

Swim in the deep end: Flexibility for your needs

The core of Signal’s business is one-to-one customer service and customized security solutions. That’s not just corporate jargon. The very nature of patrol security offers the flexibility to meet you properties unique needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Trespassers (or !) Patrol officers can enter the pool area on a custom schedule, asking patrons to produce proof of a hotel stay.
  • Lockups. Every pool has a gate or door. Every gate or door has a lock. Who’s responsible for yours? Signal 88 pool lockups are reliable and logged in full, digital reports every day. You can rest easy knowing the pool is empty.
  • An active presence. Officers can ask patrons to leave who are causing a nuisance, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise detracting from your property's peace of mind. 
  • Glass, pets, and other details. Your property’s specific rules and regulations can be easily added to Signal 88’s post orders. Our officers can enforce them easily to ensure poolside peace of mind.
  • Poolside monitoring. Each property has different clientele and different concerns. You may wish to have an officer poolside for a predetermined period, e.g. 7–10pm, every day. This can stave off larger security issues by driving trouble elsewhere.
  • Maintenance issues. Our community-based officers are trained to do whatever it takes to be helpful in the administration of your property. Through our reporting capabilities, Signal 88 officers can spot maintenance issues or safety hazards and alert the proper staff. Some Signal 88 franchises have even gained certification for pool chemical testing!

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