Get the Signal Edge: How Technology Delivers Transparency and ROI

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When it comes to having an edge up on the competition, Signal Security’s technology does just that to help keep your residents, customers, guests, employees, and property secure. Our Signal Edge software provides clients with real-time updates and reports, increasing the accountability of our officers and transparency of our services. And with custom analytics, you and your Signal team can spot trends and take action to ensure it stays that way. 

Transparency at Your Fingertips

88Edge apartment security incident reports

With Signal Edge, anything and everything is at your fingertips. Through the client login portal, you can access reports and analytics. Your account will include all incident reports, including the incident number, the responding officer, and any relevant flags related to the report. Every noise report, parking violation, theft — even kids leaving candy wrappers all over the basketball court — will be just a few clicks away.

All reports are made in real-time as your security officer is on duty. Thanks to mobile technology, there’s no waiting until your officer gets back to the office to make a report, perhaps forgetting important details. Your officer will even take photographs if necessary to include in the report. You won’t have to guess at the details when you have organized photographic evidence.

Security Incident Analytics

88Edge apartment security incident analytics

OK, so you’ve got access to all of your reports, but looking at tons of lines of text for hours on end trying to spot any discernible patterns or trends can make you cross-eyed and, well, cross. Let technology do it for you! Thanks to incident analytics within Signal Edge, your reports will be broken down annually, monthly, or even hourly, into an easy-to-read interface so you and your security team can spot trends and put solutions in place before they become problems. More of a visual learner? Pie charts and graphs can show you what you need to know. 

Let’s say your security officer notices that the door to the rec center is frequently unlocked. An analytics report will show a spike of this happening almost exclusively on Thursday nights. Knowledge is power, so now that you’ve seen there’s a problem, a Signal solution may be to assign an extra patrol on Thursday nights to keep the rec center secure and people and property safe. 

Analytics can look at broad swaths of time as well. Maybe you notice that alarms and incident reports become more frequent in the spring months. People are outside more and windows and doors are open and unlocked, which can lead to thefts or disturbances. Your Signal 88 representative may suggest a reminder letter to your residents to lock their car doors and windows as a way to address this problem.

Remember, your security officer will have a healthy understanding of everything that’s happening in and around your property and help you find ways to address issues before they become problems. 

88Edge apartment security incident analysis

Custom Property Manager Analytics

So the incident analytics will spot trends over time. Great! But incident analytics can only spot broad trends, and you want something specific. Whatever you need, custom analytics can be set up within Signal Edge to get you the information you need most. 

Perhaps you want to keep tabs on a certain apartment building in your complex that keeps having issues. Set up a custom analytics tab for reports directly related to this building, so you don’t have to wade through other building incidents to know what’s happening. 

Setting up custom analytics isn’t always easy (although we find that Signal Edge is pretty user-friendly), so talk to your Signal representative to help you set up personalized analytics tabs. Signal is here to be your partner in solving headaches before they become migraines. Click here to learn more.

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