Your Path to Peace of Mind: Patrol vs Dedicated Officers

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A property manager's responsibility to their residents is very similar to that of a parent to their children. It is ultimately up to you to make the decisions that are going to keep them as safe as possible. While it is impossible to protect them from every unpleasant experience, the decisions that you make today can greatly affect their quality of life in the long run. One thing a lot of property managers have to decide is which is better for their location, mobile patrols or dedicated security? Here at Signal 88 Security, we are prepared to help you with your decision!

What's the Difference?

First of all, each is hired for their position in a different manner. Mobile patrols are trained security officers who are externally hired through a company and offer a variety of services depending on the needs of the customer. Dedicated officers are often employed by a law enforcement agency and are hired directly by the property manager to oversee the security of their property when the officer is off duty from their primary job. They typically live on-site and are usually allowed to live rent-free or at a reduced rate in exchange for their services.

While mobile patrol companies commission employees that have passed background checks and provided verified references, property managers that hire dedicated officers privately must ensure that this is completed on their own. While both officers are trained, the type of training and the way they execute their training varies. Mobile patrol officers are highly trained in the field of location security; therefore, they adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by their company. However, dedicated officers, as they are typically police officers, are trained for instances that police officers will encounter. While this can be a great thing, it can also be detrimental, as this means that they still must obey the policies and procedures of their specific department, even when off-duty and using their skills in a different area.

They also differ in their responsibilities required on the property. Mobile patrols are constantly moving and constantly looking for potential dangers. They are trained to be proactive in searching for signs of potential threats and may have the opportunity to not only catch illegal acts in progress but prevent the incident from occurring altogether. Dedicated security may or may not be required to physically patrol the premise and may be required to only respond if there is a problem, which is a reactive approach. It's possible that activity could be missed due to a weakened state of awareness after having already worked an 8, 10, or even 12-hour shift where they had to remain on constant alert.

Why are Mobile Patrols Better at Deterring Crime?

Mobile patrols are constantly on the move, have specific assignments that they are tasked with during their shifts, and are very visible by residents and visitors to the property. Most people who commit crimes or engage in mischief do so in places where there is less of a chance of them being caught. When the likelihood of them being apprehended increases, they will typically relocate somewhere in which the threat is not as great.  Here at Signal, our mobile patrol vehicles are outfitted with 3M reflective graphics, LED lighting, and Wi-Fi communications technology.

Some dedicated officers are not granted "take-home patrol vehicles" and this removes a very important factor from the deterrent equation. Just the act of parking a security type vehicle at a location has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of crime in that area. This also prevents the officer from patrolling the grounds of the property other than on foot. If it is a very large property, this can be very unfavorable. If unable to effectively navigate the property, the officer will not be efficient in keeping the location safe and secure. The "bad guys" are also going to notice this lack of mobility and see to it that they keep their mischief as far from that authority as possible, even though they could still be located on the property.

Why are Signal Mobile Patrols Your Best Option?

Signal works through locally owned franchises, all of which can work with you to create a custom security plan for your property. From core values to leading technology, this company strives for excellence and is an industry leader in security services. Signal's Mobile Patrol Model centers around high visibility which leads to high deterrence possibilities. Their mobile patrols can be customized to include the obvious search for security concerns, as well as maintenance assessment, access control services, facilities checks, and disturbance and alarm response. In addition to their vehicles, they utilize technology to your advantage, with features such as GPS tracking, which allows you to view where they are at all times and cloud-based apps that allow you to view their check-ins and reports as soon as they are submitted. Not to mention, Signal 88 Security's mobile patrol officers are well-trained, vigilant, courteous, and professional.

If you still have concerns regarding what type of security may be the most beneficial and cost-efficient for your property, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more. Our experienced team of security experts can discuss your options based on your preferences and help to secure a solution based on your specific needs, budget, and timeline of your property. As always, we're here!

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