What is Fire Watch Security?

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Fires are messy, smelly, chaotic, and a big headache to deal with. From finding shelter for your displaced residents and assessing the damage, to insurance red tape and salvaging or rebuilding, one of the last things you may be thinking about is securing the damaged site and protecting it from looters or vandals.

Which is why fire watch security is important, both after AND before a fire occurs. Here are two ways fire watch security can protect your property and prevent the next fire from occurring: 

Fire Watch Security Protection

Unfortunately, all the safety tips, no smoking signs, and fire prevention systems in the world won’t always protect you. If your property does suffer fire damage, there’s a million things to think about and security should be one of them. 

Fire watch security services are often utilized for construction sites, damaged structures, and at-risk properties. Whether it’s one-time or ongoing, on-site dedicated security officers or mobile patrols will keep watch over your damaged property to keep out would-be trespassers or looters. 

Fire-damaged properties are hot spots for onlookers and gawkers as well, so the presence of a trained officer behind the wheel of a high-visibility SUV will help deter criminals and looky-loos from spending too much time ogling. 

Fire Watch Security Prevention

In addition to services after a fire has occurred, fire watch security can also include preventive measures. 

You know those fire alarms and sprinkler systems that most commercial buildings should have in place to help prevent and put out fires (and yours should too)? Regular maintenance of these systems is to be expected, but what happens if a fire occurs while your fire alarms or sprinkler systems are offline?

Hiring fire watch security is a simple solution to keep everyone safe while you perform the necessary maintenance to keep your systems operating well. Some private security companies offer one-time or ongoing fire watch services that you can utilize to keep your property safe from a fiery end.

Officers also are trained to be proactive, not reactive, and detect any potentially dangerous issues before they become a real problem. Do smokers tend to congregate by the dumpsters? Do you have areas of natural landscaping that get dry in the hot months? Both of these are potential fire hazards that a security officer can detect and then inform you about.

Setting Up Fire Watch Security Services

Fire watch security helps keep your property from becoming vulnerable to damage before or after a fire.  Schedule a free on-site security assessment with Signal to learn more about how we can help address your property’s unique security service needs.

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