The Changing Security Market: It's Time to Invest

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The security industry has certainly never been viewed as an exciting, or evolving market, but more as a “necessary evil” that drains company resources. It isn’t that businesses never placed value on security, but for the first time in forever, the current ecosystem has dictated to business owners to reevaluate the need for outsourcing it. Businesses are now truly investing in security. With enhanced technology and reporting, the security industry is quickly becoming trendy, and companies are appealing to prospective employees and clients by taking the lead in buying into the marketplace. According to a study performed by the Institute of Finance and Management, private security spending is on the rise. From 2013-2015, security spending increased from $319 billion to over $377 billion, and from 2014 forward, the security industry is closing in on $450 billion.

The healthcare industry was the first to fully invest in an across the board overhaul of security systems, (70 percent of hospitals now utilize private security), but in recent years, multi-family dwellings and college campuses have followed suit. Analysts predict that in an era of active shooters, and human trafficking, the growth of the security industry could be almost exponential in the coming years.


Technological advancement in the digital world has completely changed how consumers utilize products. The security industry is no different. Security has never been viewed as a tangible, hands on product, until now. Through the use of tablets and smart phones, consumers are now able to have a pulse on a variety of security and safety issues around the clock. Smartphones now have the ability to grant tenants entry through secured apartment doors, and mobile access control systems can allow visitors entry into a building remotely. Even autonomous, roaming robots and biometric scanners, including facial recognition scanners, are now being integrated into security systems.



Security technology


Video surveillance has been a stalwart in the realm of security technology. And today’s systems come with features that almost sound unbelievable. There are cameras than can recognize an individual’s gait, detect and display thermal patterns. As the cameras themselves become more sophisticated, so too will the ways in which the data can be analyzed. Expect to see more intelligent and accurate video analytics that can bring together multiple video sources.

Video surveillance is useful on its own, however, it isn’t fully utilized unless coupled with a viable, physical deterrent. Cameras by themselves can only witness a crime, but a visual patrol deterrent and alarm response when an issue is triggered can be the marriage of two vital security options and provide the most effectiveness when threaded together. A physical presence, such as a patrol officer and vehicle equipped with state of the art lighting, and incident reporting applications is perhaps the perfect utilization and most efficient use of video surveillance.

With continued enhancements in technology, security companies are able to provide surprisingly cost- effective solutions for their clients. With these advancements in technology, also comes streamlined incident reporting. Business owners and managers can truly manage their business 24/7 without actually stepping foot in the workplace.

It’s Time to Invest

As a business owner, have you given thought to enhancing your building’s security? If so, are you devoting enough resources to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and up to date with the latest developments in the marketplace? If you haven’t really dedicated any time or money into security, the time to invest in it is now. Prospective residents and clients are placing more value on feeling safe than they ever have before. Having reliable systems in place can boost your appeal and improve your bottom line.

Overall, protection will always be a main part of your job. It’s important to be aware of the types of technology that are coming down the pike, and how existing technologies are becoming more sophisticated. Understand how both your cyber and physical security measures can work together to add value and keep your tenants safe.

Turning to private security is the solution. Signal offers a broad array of security services, from mobile patrols to dedicated location guards. Signal utilizes many of the technology and reporting enhancements mentioned above, and can tailor a unique solution based on your specific security needs. We understand the stresses of running a business, and we’re here to provide peace of mind Contact us today schedule a free assessment and estimate visit. 

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