Teamwork Leads to Success in Phoenix: Franchise of the Month January 2023

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The secret to Greg Pierce’s success? He says it's his team. The owner of Signal of Northern Phoenix continuously points to his team as the driving factor behind the growth and accomplishments his franchise has seen in the last year.

“There’s no one challenge in particular that has been the most difficult,” he said. “But it all depends on how you face it. I’ve been able to lean on the Home Office for support, but it really came down to hiring the right people. The people who get it and want it and can do it.”

In the month of January, Northern Phoenix surpassed benchmarks for nearly all of Signal’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ranked 16th out of 167 Signal franchises in the network for KPIs overall. The franchise has also seen a 122% increase in revenue year over year and continues to impress with their commitment to the brand and their partnership with the Home Office. For these reasons, Greg Pierce and the Signal of Northern Phoenix team are January 2023’s Franchise of the Month.

Since launching the franchise in 2017, the team at Northern Phoenix has seen tremendous growth over the last year, and Greg says they’re behind the brand 100%.

“We were the first in the valley to be fully complete with the brand refresh. We utilized the support from the Home Office and were able to seamlessly integrate the changes,” he said. “It’s really an investment in our future.”

And the future looks bright at Northern Phoenix. The city is the fifth largest in the country and the fastest-growing metro area over the last 10 years. In the last month, they’ve hosted two major sporting events, including the Big Game in February. Greg’s team took advantage of the increased need for security services and, although it was a busy few weeks, they saw the results right away.

“Phoenix imploded,” Greg said. “We had over ten thousand dollars in contracts for the Super Bowl alone. And three of those temporary services turned into permanent contracts. There’s an endless number of opportunities for growth here.”

While this is the first time Northern Phoenix has been recognized, Pierce and his team are always looking for more opportunities to grow and learn. They take advantage of the many training opportunities provided by the Home Office and are working to develop the strengths of their team.

“We’ve utilized the Signal Performance Institute and we send everyone to Regional Trainings,” Greg said, “Don Pierce and I went to Savannah, and we’ve been to CEO training. We’ve been heavily investing in the team. We want to ensure that we’re getting the correct team members in place to make sure everyone is getting support in their positions. We want to work to everyone’s strengths. There’s not one person alone. This is a team effort. From ops to admin to sales all the way down, we’re all making it happen.”

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