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Spring is fast approaching, which for a lot of us, means spring cleaning! This is the time of the year when we evaluate our personal homes and properties in an effort to remove the disorder and chaos in the form of stuff and grime from our lives. We prefer our homes to be organized, structured, and sanitary as it creates a feeling of security, safety, and reassurance. This also extends to those of you who are in charge of the overseeing of other's homes and properties, better known as property management. Order, stability, safety, and security are of the utmost importance for your residents as a property manager, and also for us as a security company. Here at Signal, our goal is to provide you and your residents with the peace of mind to pursue their desires through passion, honesty, integrity, relationships, serving, and learning. Site assessments, mobile patrols, cutting edge technology, and customized solutions, are just a few of the services that we offer to serve our clients and keep your multi-family communities neat, tidy, and secure.


Typically conducted by franchise owners and operational managers who have prior military and law enforcement experience, our full-scale site assessments are completely free of charge! Most assessments are conducted at night to ensure the best evaluation of risk factors and include the following primary functions: Property Risk Hazards, Lighting Assessments, and Access Entry. Anything that could be considered a violation or crime taking place is also investigated during the assessment. As a property manager, this is one of the most beneficial meetings you will ever have. You will be able to learn specifically what potential security risks affect your property and how to address them.


Our Mobile Patrol Model, is utilized on the basis of deterrence. Officers make their rounds in fully marked patrol vehicles, which yield a strong visual presence, as well as allows them to alter their movements so that predictable patterns do not emerge.  It gives residents  a sense of well being in seeing that their residence and persons are being monitored for signs of potential dangers or nuisances. It allows you, as the administrator of the property to be able to relax in knowing that your residents are safe and secure because of a decision that you made with their best interests at heart. For more information on mobile patrols, refer to Enhanced Deterrence with Mobile Security.


Signal provides its officers with all the latest tools, equipment, and software to help ensure that their jobs are completed in the most effective way possible. Mobile reporting via Signal Edge, our proprietary technology platform, allows officers to create extensive documentation for items sure as parking violations, loitering incidents, vandalism, maintenance issues, and more. Additionally, clients can access automatic summaries of all reports and receive real-time notifications via e-mail or text message, so you can be aware of what is taking place on your properties at all times. Tenants will be relieved to know that those who manage the place they call home are always in the loop on events occurring there. You also have the advantage of being able to customize your notifications and request interactive checkpoints. These checkpoints are for accountability on our part, to ensure that specific locations are covered, and any special instructions are followed. Message boards also play a part in aiding officers sharing information between shifts and allows you to provide information that would be useful to your team. These technologies provide conservation of resources, saved time and increased efficiency of operations for Signal 88 Security and therefore, provides conservation of resources, saved time and increased efficiency of operations for you and your property.


The best part about our company working through locally owned franchises, is that each of them can work with you to build a custom security plan for your multi-family community. Signal encompasses so many services that can be offered, because not every property will share the same requirements or requests. For example, if parking violations are becoming a nuisance at your location, you would definitely want to consider adding parking enforcement to the services that you request.  You can find even more information on Signal's parking violation deterrent tactics at Two Solutions for Your Parking Enforcement Needs. Does your complex have a pool? Maybe you're experiencing problems with tenants taking a dip after hours, which can be very dangerous, or non-residents using your pool for their personal recreation. If either sound familiar, then you might look into Pool Patrols, yet another service option provided by our officers. Other options include Door Staff, Access Control Services, Facilities Checks, Maintenance Assessments, and Disturbance & Alarm Response.

Being safe and secure is a basic human need. With all the information provided, it is easy to see how living on a property that has been assessed for potential threats and is consistently monitored by dedicated, well trained, men and women is an extremely desired goal. While pools, hot tubs, gyms, and free cable are all really nice to have on site, it is truly the safety and security felt by your residents that will increase resident retention.

For more information on Signal or questions about the security industry, please contact us at Signal Security. 

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