Spring into Amenity Checks with Peace of Mind

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As we head into spring and summer, people may be more tempted to leave their windows open and let in some fresh air. It's the time of year when more people are spending time outdoors and enjoying the nice weather becomes a priority. However, as the temperature warms up and we grow more comfortable being outdoors, property security shouldn't take a backseat. Whether a property manager or resident, it's still important to remain vigilant, and ensuring that there are sufficient physical security solutions in place can give you and your residents peace of mind throughout the season.

Signal is a private security contractor that can provide your facility and residents with the security they need through a full suite of security services. To keep your residency consistently secure, we offer a selection of security solutions including pool security, door checks, alarm response, access controls, and parking enforcement.

There are several specific benefits that come with utilizing our security services for your property.

Add Value to the Property

One of the key benefits of improving property security is the value added to the property. If your property develops a reputation as being safe with the asset of a team of security officers along with state-of-the-art technology, you'll be able to see an increase in the property's overall worth. 

We understand that a property's amenities are what drive property value, as residents enjoy a positive living experience when amenities such as pools, clubhouses, and fitness centers are consistently safe and well-maintained. As such, your property value will increase with the help of our pool lockup, access control, and door check services.

Increase Resident Retention

People don't want to live in an unsafe area, especially if they have a family to provide for and protect. With the help of improved security around the property, more of your residents will feel safe and comfortable in their neighborhood, which means residents will be more likely to stay for longer periods of time. In turn, you'll see more lease renewals and further develop a better reputation as a safe place to live.

With apps like Nextdoor allowing people to discuss and more easily learn about what's taking place in their neighborhood, gossip among neighbors is becoming more influential than it's ever been. This means that even more people in the area will be able to take comfort in knowing that any suspicious activity is handled expertly with your security services.

Decrease the Likelihood of Unauthorized Entry

With highly-visible security SUVs, like our mobile patrol vehicles, and other security elements in place around your property, criminals, transients, and other unauthorized individuals will be less likely to attempt to gain entry. In addition to visual deterrence, security teams will be able to identify any unauthorized parties and confront them before they cause any harm to property or residents. 

Faster Response Time Than Traditional Law Enforcement

While traditional law enforcement officers often try to do their best to respond to an emergency call or alarm as quickly as possible, they still frequently fall short. In many cases, traditional law enforcement places break-ins as a low priority, which puts residents more at risk of having belongings stolen or coming to harm.

The private security team at Signal offers an average alarm response time that's faster than traditional law enforcement, arriving on the scene as quickly as possible once an alarm is tripped. As soon as they arrive, our team will then inspect the area on foot for any signs of property damage or break-ins. Upon detection of any signs, the officers will contact local law enforcement and remain at the scene until they arrive, helping to contain the intruder or prevent further criminal activity in the meantime.

Reduce Risk Exposure and Insurance Claims

If property or residents are at risk because of a lack of adequate and proactive security, this could result in a lot of hassle for both residents and property managers. Apart from the potential for break-ins and other criminal activity, fires and natural disasters can also present many security risks, requiring proactive solutions that can effectively minimize them. For instance, a fire could break out and cause extensive damage to the property, but without security to monitor the property and the residents are temporarily moved out of the property, the remains left behind could be inviting to thieves and transients. Signal's FireWatch services can help reduce these risks and maintain the welfare of the property and residents.

Signal is here to give you everything you need to maintain safety and security. You can trust our team of professional security officers, who are well-trained and capable of de-escalating confrontations, as well as vigilant, courteous, and professional. If you would like to get started with a security team for your property, contact us today for a free security estimate.

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