Security Resolutions for the New Year

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Lose weight. Be nicer. Follow your dreams. 

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that we’re all fired up to keep, expecting to be a wholly changed and better person by the following December 31. Unfortunately, those resolutions tend to be hard to keep. But when it comes to your safety and security, both personally and in your workplace, try a couple of these resolutions to help make your life safer and overall better than it was in in the past year. 

In the Workplace

Review Existing Policies

If you’re the manager or CEO of a business, you know that safety for your employees is tantamount. A review of the safety and security policies you have in place is appropriate any time of year, so why not start the new year right with a refresher on those policies? If anything needs changing, putting new policies in place in January feels right. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to update or train new employees on the handbook.

Inspect Safety Gear or Equipment

Random inspections of your gear and equipment can let you know if anything needs to be replaced or upgraded. You never want to find out your equipment is compromised because it failed at a crucial time and put someone in harm’s way. This can include everything from safety goggles, helmets, and heavy equipment in certain settings to the coffee maker and copy machine in a white collar office setting. 

Encourage employees to monitor their own workstations for safety hazards, such as loose or tangled computer cords and wires, desk drawers that won’t close, and loose screws on office furniture. A few missing screws is all it takes for an office chair to fall apart under someone. 

Update All Employee Contact Information

A phone tree is usually in place for small businesses, so your employees know who to call, or who will be calling them, in case of an emergency or to relay important information. Make sure your employee database is entirely up-to-date with everyone’s correct information. No one wants Sally risking life and limb to come into the office on a snowy day only to find out no one could get a hold of her to tell her business is closed for the day. 

In Your Personal Life

Get in Shape

Yeah, yeah, we all want to lose those extra pounds from the holidays (perhaps from multiple years), and it’s no wonder the gyms are always full in January. But getting in shape is so much more than losing inches: Feeling better about yourself boosts confidence levels. A person who exudes confidence is much less likely to be attacked by a random stranger. In particular, women who learn martial arts or self-defense techniques often don’t ever need to use them in the real world, because just having those skills boosts self-confidence, which makes them less-than-ideal targets for violent acts. Even if you weigh the same three months after you started but you feel better about yourself, it is a positive step toward personal safety.

Be Aware

With all the chaos in today’s world, it’s tempting to want to tune it all out by popping on your earbuds, cranking up your turns, and losing yourself in the music, whether it’s at the gym, in your car, or just walking down the street. But that inattention to your surroundings could be dangerous. Car horns or screeching brakes are signals of an approaching vehicle, and footsteps can alert you to someone approaching from behind, perhaps with malicious intent. Be aware of your surroundings at all times to avoid dangerous situations. 

Be Kind

2021 was a doozy of a year, and everyone’s mental health is being strained to the breaking point. We’ve all seen how a simple disagreement can turn violent from too many heated tempers boiling over these days. 

Random acts of kindness may be cliche, but they really can help make someone’s day, including yours. A simple smile to your coworkers in the morning Zoom meeting, adding $5 to the till for the car behind you in the drive-thru, or giving a generous tip to the overworked and underpaid baristas at your local coffee shop can help someone else feel better and possibly help soothe frayed nerves behind the scenes. 

We all hope that 2021 has better things in store, but it won’t be any different unless we try to make it different. Kindness is a great first step. 

Staying Safe and Secure

Have a safe and happy new year! And if you need the expert opinion of a security professional, schedule a free, no-obligation security assessment with your local Signal 88 franchise.

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