Know Your Security Needs: What's Your Best Option?

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Choosing the right company for your security needs is a very important decision that should not betaken lightly. When it comes to providing peace of mind for your residents, employees or customers, it is important to search for the best option that meets your requirements. Sal DeRose, Signal Security of  Greater Philadelphia's franchise owner, and author of the new book Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind, provides some helpful tips when choosing your private security company.

  • Training - Verified training in both on-site and classroom scenarios is a must for any security company. According to DeRose, training should include observation techniques, investigation and patrol techniques, report writing, and emergency medical assistance. 
  • Patrols - High visibility patrols demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property. Roving patrols virtually eliminate the problems that are associated with stationary posts and allow for better surveillance. 
  • Communications - Your security company should communicate with you in a timely and effective manner. This builds a trusting relationship that will improve the services you receive. 
  • Security Supervisor Presence - This will optimize the security services you receive because the supervisor will be able to relay information and increase the accountability of the officers. 
These traits not only ensure excellent service. They provide you the peace of mind you need to pursue your passions because you know your residents, employees, customers, and investments, are in good hands.

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