Protecting Your Parking Lot: How to Shield Vehicles From Crime

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Whether your business is a multi-family dwelling, retail store front, or commercial warehouse, there is one thing all business owners struggle to stay on top of and oversee; their parking structures.

Parking lots are the third most common place where crimes occur, with nearly 1,400 violent crimes committed each day. While most of these crimes are related to theft or vandalism, victims are still vulnerable to more threatening incidents such as robbery or assault.

People daily utilize parking garages as a safe and convenient place to leave their vehicle. So, the worries of crime shouldn’t be what your customers or staff are left thinking about.

The most recent report from the FBI, in 2017, stated that “of the 5,542 homicides in the United States, 378 happened in parking structures”, adding, “four percent of all assaults occur in parking lots, and you are 50 percent more likely to be assaulted between the times of midnight and two a.m.”



At Signal, we believe it’s important to keep your customers and property safe and free from crime. By following our security tips, you can help ensure your parking structure(s) are up-to-date, clean and above all else, secure.

  • Lighting – You should always keep your lots well lit. Good lighting deters criminals and makes it easier to identify lurkers who have no business being on your property. Complete those routine checks for unlit areas and fix them immediately.
  • Maintenance – Well-maintained lots show you care about the appearance and safety of your business. Be proactive at removing graffiti from surfaces, picking up litter, weeds or debris. Keep up with lawn care and check that your parking lines are established clearly and not faded. Stay on top of maintenance by outsourcing the work to a contractor and schedule it in advance on a routine basis.
  • Signage – Having clear signs that direct people visiting is an easy way to let them know exactly where they are and where to go/exit. Wandering people result as prime targets for crime. This includes helpful tips for your visitors: “Once you get in your car, lock your doors, start your car and leave”, “Be aware of where your exists are and if there are any security cameras/emergency call areas”, “Don’t leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle. Hide items in your trunk or under seats”.
  • Security – Employ a private security contractor as your in-person patrol throughout the day and night. At Signal Security, our dedicated officers are ready to prevent crime and instill “peace of mind” to you and your customers. We offer cost-effective security that ensures quality service and performance of Maintenance, Access Control Services, Facility Checks, and Disturbance and Alarm Response.  You should also think about installing video surveillance/emergency call stations. Completing both methods ensures complete security and protection.

These easy, but effective security tips are the best way to keep your parking facilities free from crime and a safe place for people to come and go freely. Don’t wait until the last minute, be smart and get secure! 

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