Partnering with Properties' Courtesy Officers

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Courtesy officers are an important position for many apartment communities. Although their responsibilities vary depending on the property, their main purpose is to provide an extra set of eyes and ears for safety concerns. Many property managers assume that this role is a replacement for security, when in reality, courtesy officers are better served as a supplement to security. Here’s why:

Courtesy Officers Need Rest

Often times, these courtesy officers are in the security or law enforcement fields and work elsewhere. Being a courtesy officer is not their full-time profession, so the time they are available is limited. For the rest of the time, private security can help.

Private Security is Transparent

While courtesy officers may fill you in on major events, they don’t always report what else is happening on property. In order to really improve your property, you need to know everything that is going on. Signal Security is a security company that uses transparent, real-time reporting to keep you in the know. Find out more about Signal’s propriety software here.

Courtesy Officers Increase Liability

Courtesy officers are considered employees of the property. Because of that, your property is responsible for their actions, and given the circumstances they are often involved in, this could be a liability risk for you. Private security on the other hand would be a third party contractor limiting your liability.

Private Security Officers are Professionally Trained

Private Security officers deal with all types of different situations. Therefore, they are trained extensively and can respond appropriately and professionally to different situations. Depending on a courtesy officer’s role, they may be unable or unwilling to react to certain situations, or possibly make the situation worse by responding inappropriately.

Private Security is Highly Visible

Most courtesy officers don’t have a uniform, or they wear a regular employee uniform, which isn’t necessarily conducive to deterring crime. Private security have special uniforms designed to be visible and easily perceived as security. A good example is Signal Security’s patrol vehicle.

Private Security and Courtesy Officers Help Each Other

Since courtesy officers live on property, they tend to know the property and residents better than a third party company. They have more information about problem areas and can pass that information along to private security for when they can’t respond themselves. Private security is neutral and unassuming when it comes to all situations, so they remain unbiased and can respond professionally. This combination ensures that all situations are being handled in a timely and appropriate manner, giving you and your residents peace of mind.

To learn more how Signal can partner with you and your courtesy officer, click here.

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