How well do you know your property's security risks?

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You're the property manager for your company, leaving after a long day of work. As you leave, are you reassured that your company is properly secured? Do you know that all doors have been locked? If there are employees staying late, is there someone to escort them to their vehicle? What if something does happen overnight while you're not there, who will respond?

With the weather beginning to warm up across the country, now is the time to make sure you understand the potential security risks on your property, and that you have a proper plan in place. A study done by the US Department of Justice in 2014 found that criminal activity increases over the spring and summer seasons. In fact, there are some cities that see a 35% increase in crimes during this time.

To prepare yourself, your company and your staff, it's important to first understand any potential risks associated with your property, and second, implement a plan to resolve those issues.

Questions that you can ask yourself about your property can consist of the following:

  • Who checks that our doors are locked at night?
  • If we have employees staying late, do we have someone to escort them to their vehicles safely?
  • What type of lighting do we have on property? How can we ensure that key parts of our property are lit accordingly?
  • Is there someone who can monitor our property overnight to prevent suspicious activity?
  • If something does occur on property, who is going to respond?

These are just a few of the questions to get you started, but there are security companies that can provide a comprehensive security assessment of your property ahead of the seasonal change and provide security services.

One such company is Signal Security. With over 75% of its local ownership coming from military or law enforcement backgrounds, Signal's Franchise Owners have the expertise to properly analyze your property's potential security risks and develop a customized plan of attack to ensure its safety.

Don't wait until something happens to look at your property's security, get started today and put a plan in place with the help of Signal.

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