How Private Security Can Help You Reopen Your Business Safely

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Many businesses around the world have had to shut down or limit operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that many states and cities are allowing businesses to re-open while following social distancing guidelines, how can you ensure your business will open safely? Private security services can help keep your property, guests, and employees safe and secure while you re-open with our on-site mobile security.

Monitor Access

Security officers can monitor points of access to your property to ensure those entering the property are screened for any required PPE and symptoms of COVID-19 based on your business's standards. During these times, it is more important than ever to identify those who enter the property and enforce screening for everyone's safety. We will keep bad actors off the premises who may take advantage of vulnerable guests and residents and screen those allowed on the property for adherence to safety measures. Risks to your property are elevated during times of disaster, and we will work to minimize those risks.

Maintain the Well-Being of Guests and Employees

Checking on the well-being of your guests, residents, and employees is a priority when you re-open your business during a pandemic. This means looking out for signs of physical and mental stress. Some people may have anxiety about being in a public space. Security officers can provide a sense of protection and someone to rely on as the lockdown is lifted. If we see signs that a guest or employee is feeling unwell, we will be there to ask them how they are doing and call for a paramedic if needed. 

Enforce Safety Measures

Private security officers can help your residents, guests, and employees adapt to the new normal by reminding them of your designated guidelines to adhere to. If you are implementing the wearing of masks and gloves, temperature checks, or a sanitary policy, they will deliver adherence in the form of visual deterrence and verbal cues. If a guest or employee refuses to follow your guidelines, security guards are trained in de-escalating situations that could become harmful. Officers are trained to follow set protocol and can ensure unruly guests are unable to cause harm and are escorted off the property if they fail to comply.

Prevent Panic

During a pandemic, panic and rising emotions can come from events that would have been normal at one time. Guests and employees may panic due to a perceived health hazard or violation of social distancing. Private security officers are trained to respond calmly and professionally in the face of panic. They can ensure that the issue is de-escalated and everyone on the premises is pacified and able to breathe easily again after a situation occurs.

Maintain Point of Contact

Security officers can be there when guests, residents, and employees need someone to reach out to. They can be the main point of contact to reach maintenance, management, or local authorities in the event of an emergency. They also can report feedback on your guidelines and measures in place or where maintenance and disinfection may be needed. Private security officers are well-versed in new local, city and state business restrictions and mandates and can help you plan accordingly.

Awareness and Deterrence

The presence of a security officer on your premises may be all that is needed to provide awareness to guests and employees and a powerful deterrent for violation of your property's guidelines. Guests and employees will be instantly reminded to wear PPE and observe social distancing when they see officers at a checkpoint or mobile security patrolling the premises. Officers can deter violations by simply being in the sight of the public on your premises while also providing a criminal deterrence for those who would prey on vulnerable populations, such as scammers.

Creating Guidelines

Here is a simple set of guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC to re-open your small business or commercial property safely:

  1. Set up hand sanitizer stations accessible for all parties (employees, residents, and guests).
  2. Disinfect public and high-touch surfaces every 30 minutes (doorknobs, elevator buttons, railings).
  3. Place eye-catching signs or stickers in public areas to remind guests and employees to disinfect after touching high-risk surfaces.
  4. Talk to your vendors and other third parties that provide services or delivery to your property to understand the steps they are taking.
  5. Remind employees not to come to work if they are sick and review the leave policy your business has in place.
  6. Create social distancing markings on the floor for queues and areas of congregation.
  7. Erect transparent sneeze and cough barriers in customer-facing areas.
  8. Maintain sensible gathering capacity limits for your employees and guests.
  9. Nominate a leader to oversee pandemic-related planning.
  10. Establish a response plan for isolating suspected cases and assisting with contact tracing.

How Signal Security Can Help

When it comes to re-opening your business and restoring operations, you need someone to rely on to help safely execute your visions. Your peace of mind is invaluable. Click here to learn more.

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