How Dedicated Security Improves Experience

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In the movies, hotels are always classy.

Elegant people (spies? astronauts?) carouse at the spotless cocktail bar. Intrigue abounds. The décor is perfect and, while the movies never show it, the breakfast spread is probably incredible.

In real life, things are a little less glamorous.

Consider your own hotel objectively. Is the parking garage dark and creepy? Are the stairwells dank and forbidding? Are the hallways long and dim?

Travelers are incredibly sensitive to these things, even if they don’t directly affect the in-room “servicescape.”

Take it from a frequent business traveler — here is a flowchart of what your guests think:

  1. That guy leering at me in the parking lot was kind of weird. Glad I’m inside now.
  2. What’s that noise?
  3. I wonder if this door lock is sturdy.
  4. If someone broke into my room, would anyone hear it?
  5. Ugh, only 4 hours until I have to be awake.
  6. Ew, a bug. ...Was that a bedbug?!
  7. I wonder if they wash the sheets between guests.
  8. Maybe I should’ve booked a different hotel. Is it too late to switch?

As a hotel manager, you should know the impact of first impressions. A poor perception of your property’s security can impact the entire experience. Guests then go home to leave bad reviews that hurt you and help your competition.

Luckily, there’s a solution. You can give your guests confidence by partnering with Signal 88 Security.

Patrols to Meet Your Needs

Signal’s signature vehicle can be parked outside in the front driveway or near the main entrance. Guests will be assured by the sight of our distinctive patrol SUV from check-in to check-out.

A highly-trained Signal officer can stop by your hotel several times per night. For example, you may wish to add security around the time of an overnight shift change. Your employees will be grateful for the added peace of mind as they head to their cars. 

If your hotel encounters problems at a certain time each day, Signal can help by providing a stable security presence. For instance, if bars in your city close at 2am, Signal can patrol from 2 to 4. Our officers' professional presence will ensure peace and safety for all your guests and staff.

The schedule is always modifiable to meet your unique needs. Officers could move through each hallway, alert for signs of smoking, drug use, disturbances, or new maintenance issues. They could even patrol the pool, elevator, stairwells, and other “blind spots” on your property.

Worldwide Expertise, Neighborhood Care

Signal achieves this level of personal care and flexibility through our local franchising model. Each Signal Franchise is individually owned and operated, so clients work with local experts who are proud to serve their communities.

When you entrust your guests’ safety to Signal, you’re trusting the global leader in peace of mind. We’ve transformed the security industry through world-class service from local experts who know and love the communities we protect.

Make the Numbers Work for You

Countless studies have shown that travelers rate safety and security as the most important factor in their lodging decision.

A 2003 study surveyed over 3,000 visitors to Anaheim, California. Respondents rated their level of concern about hotel security at 9.1 out of 10. A whopping 61% of all respondents responded with a solid 10.

The same research found that travelers are comforted by a highly-visible security presence. For this question, the average rating was 8.6. 50% of respondents ranked it a 10.

The takeaway:

Hotels that invest in visible and proactive security will succeed in the modern hospitality market.

You can ensure a delightful stay for every guest by partnering with Signal. We’re here to help, so don’t wait any longer. Discover more about our security services and find your nearest Signal location.

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