Hero of the Year 2023: Natalie Cabral

Written by:

Abigail Korinek

At Signal, there are thousands of officers who go above and beyond every day to provide peace of mind to communities across the country and around the world. Our Hero of the Year for 2023 embodies the essence of a true hero; an individual with remarkable talents and a passion for serving her community. Natalie Cabral, from Signal of Banning, CA, serves as an inspiration to all her fellow officers and the rest of the Signal Network for her courage and willingness to go above and beyond for her community. 

Last year, Cabral demonstrated all the qualities of a true hero. Cabral was on patrol at a local Walmart when she noticed a 9-year-old girl accompanied by two adult males. The situation didn’t sit right with her, and she engaged with the young girl, who bravely spoke up and told Cabral neither of the men were her father. 

Our Hero’s instincts kicked in and she was able to thwart the attempted abduction, stopping the tragedy and reuniting her with her family. Cabral’s quick thinking and dedication turned a potentially devastating day back into a happy one. 

Our Hero of the Year is not just a beacon of hope once a year, she is an exemplary officer and human being every day. She brings a positive spirit to Signal of Banning every time she clocks in. She’s integrated herself into the team and is a source of inspiration, embodying the perfect balance of professionalism, toughness and compassion on the job. When not patrolling Walmart, Cabral has another job she takes pride in; being a wonderful parent to her daughters. 

“My journey with Signal has been amazing,” she said. “Before Signal I wasn’t motivated and confident. Signal has had a huge impact on me. I love coming to work. We have a wonderful team that treats you like family. I’m so excited to see what the future brings for me here. I want to grow with this company and see positive effects in my life from it.” 

As an energized and purposeful officer with a proven track record of excellence, Natalie Cabral is the perfect representative of what it means to be part of the Signal brand. Her compassion and professionalism make her a beacon of hope in what might otherwise be dire situations. We’re so proud to recognize her and award her with Signal’s Hero of the Year and hope to see more greatness as her career progresses. 

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