Five People You Meet as a Property Manager & How Security Prevents Them

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Five People You Meet as a Property Manager

If you’ve been a property manager for long, you know that there’s a cast of characters at your property. From boisterous partiers to wannabe drag racers you’re bound to recognize a few people in this list. And luckily, Signal can offer the security your property needs.

The Loud One

This resident loves to be loud. Everything in their life is at full volume, from their music to their parties to phone calls. At the end of a long day in the apartment office, the last thing you want is to be called back for an after-hours noise complaint. Luckily, Signal patrols can take care of that for you.

The Lurker

This person doesn’t actually live at your apartment complex, but you swear you’ve seen him more than some of your actual residents. He typically hangs out around the community, usually in the shadows, and makes everyone a little on edge. But the next time you get a call about him lurking around cars, you don’t have to confront him about it, your security officers can!

The Burglar

Vehicle break-ins, or worse, unit break-ins, are something you never want to have to deal with as a property manager. But if they do happen, you aren’t dealing with them alone anymore. Your Signal security guard will be there to take notes, serve as a liaison with law enforcement and work with you to prevent more break-ins from happening.

The Short-Cutter

We all have places we need to be, and this person is going to get wherever they need to go as fast as possible. Or so they think. Their route may include cutting through your property and speeding around buildings and corners to take a short cut. You could call the cops to ask about putting up a speed trap, but that constant calling turns into a pretty big timewaster. Thankfully, your newly placed security can now keep watch over your private entrance and deter speeders with flashing lights.

The Artist

According to this person, the next Picasso is living in your own community! Graffiti is a pain to clean up and, since you can’t be everywhere at once, difficult to prevent. But with regular patrols, the time your local artists have to tag the buildings gets smaller and your problem will disappear.

Do you know any of these apartment complexes regulars? Learn more about how Signal can help you prevent break-ins, vandalism and loitering on your property today and bring peace of mind to your community tomorrow.


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