Convenience Stores: A 24-hour Opportunity

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Convenience Stores: A 24-hour opportunity for both customers and vandals.

Imagine this: It’s 12:30 a.m. and you’ve just gotten a phone call from your night manager saying that there’s been a crime committed at your convenience store. Your property is destroyed, your employees are scared, and you’re about to endure some hefty costs to get your business back together.

In recent times, there have been increases in criminal activity at gas stations and their attached convenience stores. Now more than ever, store owners and managers are facing pressures about providing a secure environment.

Factors that put retail workers at risk:

  1. Access to cash
  2. Isolated, solitary work
  3. Selling alcohol
  4. Poorly lit workplaces
  5. Lack of staff / security personnel

It’s important for small or large business owners to establish clear policies and to have employees well trained in the case that any crisis arises. Additionally, consider procedural modifications, store design, and security presence to ensure that your store, employees, and you are safe.

Mobile Patrols meet your needs

Signal Security is your best option for all security needs. We can easily customize our services to fit convenience store needs, especially with the use of our industry-leading Signal Edge technology in conjunction with our unique mobile patrol model.

A security vehicle parked near the main entrance will give guests assurance that they are safe and will make robbers or threats think twice before acting. Signal  security officers are highly trained to search and be on the lookout for security hazards and opportunities for crime. Where a camera might help investigators once a crime is committed, a Signal officer can stop and prevent a crime before it happens.

Some of the biggest challenges for convenience stores right now include asset protection, vagrancy and loitering, employee safety, and customer retention. Signal can help you achieve your goals of a safer and more secure environment. For more information about Signal's Mobile Patrol services, click here.

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