Activating a stronger Signal: Introducing our new brand identity

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Soon, you’ll see a stronger Signal in your community.

We’ve refreshed the Signal brand with a look and feel that retains much of our legacy while creating a runway for our continued growth.

Getting on a first-name basis

Known for our first decade as Signal 88 Security, we felt a name change would best align our brand identity with our global ambitions. 

The old name came from police radio chatter in our hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where the code "signal 88" means "situation secure."

But as we continue to expand around the world, we chose to simplify with a name that's more clear and approachable.

Our new look

Like signal flags on the horizon, our new logo represents partnership, presence and above all, security.

With a distinctive blue leading our updated identity, Signal is the reliable beacon you’ve come to count on, the unmistakable sign of confidence when you need it most.

You'll notice our new look in our redesigned, more vibrant patrol vehicles.

Officers will wear new, more vibrant uniforms that honor their commitment and instill pride through bespoke details.

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Rolling out our new brand

Because change takes time, we’ll be introducing these updates gradually, as we bring Signal to new locations around the world.

Local franchises will be transitioning onto the new Signal brand throughout 2022. When those franchises begin their new brand implementation, they'll be equipped with resources to communicate the news to their staff, clients, and community members.

There's plenty of positive change coming to a Signal franchise near you. But what won't ever waver is Signal's commitment to providing peace of mind so our community can pursue passion in life.


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